Interview for “The Grounded” Movie

A couple of months ago I was contacted by Steve Kroeschel from Kroeschel Films. Steve is producing a documentary called “The Grounded”, which is based on a book called Earthing. The Earthing website says that earthing is a “fast-growing movement based upon the major discovery that connecting to the Earth’s natural energy is foundational to vibrant health”. From what I gather, the idea is that there is some kind of natural “Earth energy” that is good for us, and we can connect to it by walking barefoot, sleeping on the ground, etc. If we isolate ourselves from this energy, as we naturally do in the modern world by wearing shoes, sleeping indoors, etc., then we are less available to this natural healing energy.

Apparently Steve has some first hand experience with this, as he “grounded” himself, and felt the benefits first hand. That was what lead him to produce a film about the subject.

How does all of this relate to me? Steve heard about my adventures in Mexico with the Tarahumara Indians, who are (mistakingly) known as barefoot runners. In all honesty, they run in shoes, handmade huarache sandals, but their footwear is pretty minimal, consisting of used tire tread and leather straps. Steve contacted me to see if I had any stock footage for sale and ended up asking me a lot of questions about the Tarahumara and my travels in Mexico. In the end, he proposed flying to Seattle to interview me for his movie.

And that’s what happened. Steve flew in to Seattle and picked up his son and girlfriend and together they arrived at my house. We went to a Barefoot 5k race in Seattle and then did some filming around town before returning to my studio for the interview. I’m looking forward to seeing what the final film looks like, especially considering that Steve filmed everything on an ancient 35 mm Mitchell movie camera. Who shoots film these days!?!? Steve Kroeschel, that’s who.

  1. Is the movie real or bullshit? Is “grounding” real or bullshit? Lots of people now thinking this is a big scam…

  2. I believe grounding worked for our ancestors. But now things have changed since Granpa’s time.
    We have all this radiation not just AM and FM but cell phones, smart meters etc.
    How do you not become the conductor now with all this radiation if you want to walk barefoot in
    Los Angeles environment vs Haines, Alaska?

  3. The film is out now and you can get it on It’s a fantastic film! I also saw it on Dr. Mercola’s web site. Buy the film and support the filmmaker as he did an incredible job!

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