We’ve been riding with Helge Pedersen’s GlobeRiders since the beginning of the company in 2000. Along the way, we’ve documented several long-distance motorcycle tours and expeditions around the world. We’ve traveled over 40,000 miles together in more than 40 countries. The result – a genre-defining collection of adventure motorcycling movies and television series.


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GlobeRiders Africa Adventure 
DVD – 100 minutes
The Africa Adventure is the latest adventure motorcycle expedition DVD from GlobeRiders. The documentary chronicles the team’s 6,000-mile journey through the grandest scenery and most demanding terrain in South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Botswana, Zambia, and Namibia. Filled with drama, beauty, challenge and local culture, the 37-day ride of discovery is shared through expert filmmaking and a beautiful musical score. As with all GlobeRiders movies, the riders’ personal experiences, motorcycle issues and travel tips are also covered.

GlobeRiders Indochina Expedition
DVD – 100 minutes
The Indochina Expedition was a 70-day/7,000 mile motorcycle ride through Southeast Asia hosted by Helge Pedersen and Chris Poland. The journey began in Saigon and traveled through Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. Along the way, Sterling Noren filmed over 100 hours of high-definition video and produced a six-hour TV series which has been broadcast around the world. A 100-minute DVD version is also available.

GlobeRiders Silk Road Adventure
2-disc DVD Set – 200 minutes
The Silk Road Adventure follows a group of 18 motorcyclists on an epic 53-day, 8,000 mile journey across Central Asia. The journey began in Istanbul, Turkey and traveled through Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and China. Sterling Noren filmed over 80 hours of high definition video and produced a 4-hour reality TV Series that has since been broadcast around the world on Discovery Channel International.

GlobeRiders Eurasian Odyssey
DVD – 100 minutes
With sponsorship from BMW Motorcycles of North America, Sterling Noren accompanied the team of 12 riders as a video producer and backup rider. Riding and filming by day and editing at night, he produced a series of videos which were sent back to the USA for broadcast on Speed Channel. After the project was complete, GlobeRiders produced a 30-minute documentary for BMW and Speed Channel. GlobeRiders Eurasian Odyssey is a 90-minute documentary available on DVD.

GlobeRiders Iceland Expedition
DVD – 60 minutes
The Iceland Expedition is a 60-minute documentary about a motorcycling paradise that is unlike anywhere else on earth with exhilarating riding through raging rivers, breathtaking fjords and expansive lava fields. During the course of this 30-day expedition we traveled 3,000 miles across a land forged by fire and honed by ice.